Companies listing - GOLL

Name address status
GOLLA BARN ESTATES LIMITED Waterside Court, Falmouth Road, Penryn Active
GOLLA CONVENIENCE STORE LIMITED 37-39 Highbury Road, Bulwell, Nottingham Active
GOLLANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD 114 Crowborough Road, , London Active
GOLLAND CONSULTING LIMITED 16 Tarmachan Lane, , Dunfermline Active
GOLLAND & GOLLAND LTD 130 Stephendale Road, , London Active
GOLLAND LP Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh Active
GOLLAND PROPERTY SERVICES LTD Wellesley House, Duke Of Wellington Avenue, London Active
GOLLAPUDI ORTHOPAEDIC SERVICES LIMITED 4 The Stables, School Lane, Walton, Wakefield Active
GOLLEDGE ELECTRONICS LIMITED The Under Croft, Eaglewood Park, Ilminster, Somerset Active
GOLLEK UK LIMITED Orange Tower Media City Uk, Salford, Greater Manchester Active
GOLLENBERG INVEST LIMITED C/o Pitmans Llp, 107 Cheapside, London Active
GOLLE SIFA FOW LTD. 81 Brantwood Road, Tottenham, London Active
GOLLEY GROUP LIMITED Wharton Place, Wharton Street, Cardiff Active
GOLLEY SLATER GROUP LIMITED Wharton Place, Wharton Street, Cardiff Active
GOLLEY SLATER LONDON LIMITED Wharton Place, Wharton Street, Cardiff Active
GOLLEY SLATER MEDIA LIMITED Wharton Place, Wharton Street, Cardiff Active
GOLLGI LIMITED 2nd Floor,, 39 Ludgate Hill, London Active
GOLLIA LTD. Watts Hill, Westerham Road, Oxted Active
GOLLIGO LIMITED Plaza 9 Kd Tower, Cotterells, Hemel Hemptead Active
GOLLINROD PLANT HIRE LIMITED 366 Holcombe Road, Greenmount, Bury Active
GOLLINS CONTRACTORS LIMITED 84a Townside, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Active
GOLLINS INVESTMENTS LIMITED 35 Colworth House Colworth Park, Sharnbrook, Bedford Active
GOLLIREL LTD 17 Sandalwood Close, Alvaston, Derby Active
GOLLISH BARTLETT LIMITED Orion House, 5 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London Active
GOLLITE LTD 11 Barra Hall Circus, , Hayes Active
GOLL MOLL LTD 153 Fishponds Road, Easton, Bristol Active
GOLLUM TAX LIMITED Littlemead, , Hollingdon Active
GOLLUT LTD Suite 121 Ground Floor, Sanford House, Skipper Way, St. Neots Active
GOLLY GOSH CATERING LIMITED 5 The Square, , Bagshot Active
GOLLY GOSH GIFTS LTD Windana Somerton Road, North Aston, Bicester Active