Companies listing - GOLLA

Name address status
GOLLA BARN ESTATES LIMITED Waterside Court, Falmouth Road, Penryn Active
GOLLA CONVENIENCE STORE LIMITED 37-39 Highbury Road, Bulwell, Nottingham Active
GOLLANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD 114 Crowborough Road, , London Active
GOLLAND CONSULTING LIMITED 16 Tarmachan Lane, , Dunfermline Active
GOLLAND & GOLLAND LTD 24 The Green North, Warborough, Wallingford Active
GOLLAND LP Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh Active
GOLLAND PROPERTY SERVICES LTD Wellesley House, Duke Of Wellington Avenue, London Active
GOLLAN PROPERTIES LTD 2 Margaret Street, , Avoch Active
GOLLAPUDI ORTHOPAEDIC SERVICES LIMITED 4 The Stables, School Lane, Walton, Wakefield Active