Companies listing - SAPE

Name address status
SAPEC LIMITED 11 Hollyshaw Crescent, Whitkirk, Leeds Active
SAPE CONS LTD 4 Riversdale Road, , Ashford Active
SAPE CONSULTING LTD C/o Modern Accountancy Ltd Suite 2, Unit 1b Pope Iron Road, Worcester Active
SAPECSHAR CARE LTD 313 Moston Lane, , Manchester Active
SAPEKA WORLD LIMITED The Old Forge 5 Station Road, Barnack, Stamford Active
SAPEL CONSULTING LTD 27 Old Gloucester Street, , London Active
SAPELE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 85a St. Johns Road, , Wembley Active
SAPELE LTD 36 Queens Road, , Newbury Active
SAPELE PROPERTIES LIMITED 35b Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral Active
SAPELI LIMITED 22-26 King Street, , King's Lynn Active
SAPE LIMITED 19 Bankside Close, , Carshalton Active
SAPELLE GROUP LIMITED 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London Active - Proposal To Strike Off
SAPELO CAPITAL LP 35 Claverhouse Drive, , Edinburgh Active
SAPEM LTD 46 Nova Road, Croydon, London Active
SAPENO PARTNERS LLP 50 Curzon Street, 5th Floor, London Active
SAPERE AUDE FOUNDATION 52 Berkeley Square, , London Active
SAPERE BOOKS LTD 20 Windermere Drive, , Leeds Active
SAPERE LTD 2-10 Laurel Grove, Sydenham, London Active
SAPERE LUCANO LIMITED 27 Old Gloucester Street, , London Active - Proposal To Strike Off
SAPERE SOLUTION LTD. Enterprise House, 2 Pass Street, Oldham Active - Proposal To Strike Off
SAPER GLASS INDUSTRIES LIMITED Thames House, Longreach Road, Barking Active
SAPER LIMITED 10 Cullen Close, , Luton Active
SAPER LONGREACH LIMITED Thames House, Longreach Road, Barking Active
SAPETSI LTD 12 Crescent Road, , London Active
SAPEX BUILDING LTD 64 Armstrong Avenue, , Woodford Green Active
SAPEXPERT LIMITED 10 Dale Way, Felpham, Bognor Regis Active
SAPEX WORLDWIDE LTD 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London Active
SAPEY ASSOCIATES LIMITED 214 Leatherhead Road, , Chessington Active
SAPEY CAPITAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED The Lea, Upper Sapey, Worcester Active