Companies listing - IMPI

Name address status
IMPIANTISTICA DAR LTD The Long Lodge 265-269 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London Active
IMPI CAPITAL LTD 2 Boarwood House, 3 Meadfarm Close, Romford Active
IMPI CARE LTD 2 Boarwood House, 3 Meadfarm Close, Romford Active
IMPI DESIGN LTD 19 River Walk, , Merthyr Tydfil Active
IMPIEGO LTD 71-75 Shelton Street, , London Active
IMPI ENABLE LTD 15 Mallow Park, , Maidenhead Active
IMPI FREIGHT LTD 20 Beech Close, Kinver, Stourbridge Active
IMPIGRA AVIATION HOLDINGS LIMITED Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill Lane, Redhill Active
IMPIGRITAS LTD 107 Hampden Road, , Hitchin Active
IMPI GROUP LIMITED 25 Craignamaddy Heights, Cargan, Ballymena Active
IMPI LIMITED 61 Harpur Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire Active
IMPILO LIMITED Westfield House North Green, Staindrop, Darlington Active
IMPIMOYA LIMITED 17 Ashley Drive, , Walton-on-thames Active
IMPINGO LIMITED 41 Cooper Avenue North, , Liverpool Active
IMPINJ UK LIMITED Floor 11 Whitefriars, Lewins Mead, Bristol Active
IMPI PROJECTS LIMITED West View, Grinsdale Bridge, Carlisle Active
IMPI PROPERTIES LIMITED 36 Leaf Hill Drive, , Romford Active
IMPIRIAL BUILD LTD 15 Egremont Road, Hardwick, Cambridge Active
IMPIRICS GROUP LIMITED St George's House, 215-219 Chester Road, Manchester Active
IMPI RISK SOLUTIONS LIMITED 1 Westcott Close, Bromley, London Active
IMPIRIUS GROUP LIMITED The Croft, Bascote Heath, Southam, Warwickshire Active
IMPISH APPAREL LIMITED Flat 6, 2, Meridian Road, Bristol Active - Proposal To Strike Off
IMPISI CONSULTING LTD Apollo House Hallam Way, Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool Active
IMPISI YEMPI RECORDS LTD 21 Dunglass Place, Newton Mearns, Glasgow Active
IMPITHINGS LTD 70 Westerleigh Road, Yate, Bristol Active