Companies listing - CLOB

Name address status
CLOBBA CLOTHING LIMITED Unit 1 Whipley Manor Farm, Palmers Cross, Bramley, Guildford Active
CLOBBER-CALM SUPPLY CO. LIMITED 182 Pontefract Road, Cudworth, Barnsley Active - Proposal To Strike Off
CLOBBER CLOTHING LIMITED 2 The Old George, George Street, Nailsworth Active
CLOBBER&CLUTTER LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road, , London Active
CLOBBER SWAP LIMITED 26 Strike Lane, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield Active
CLOBBERUP CLOTHING LTD 106 Skeltons Lane, , London Active
CLOBB PROPERTIES LIMITED 2 Crossways Business Centre Bicester Road, Kingswood, Aylesbury Active
CLOBCO LTD 78 East Craigs Rigg, , Edinburgh Active
CLOBDATA SOLUTIONS LIMITED 19 Batsford Crescent, , Swindon Active
CLOBELLA LTD 71 The Downs, , Harlow Active
CLOBER CONSTRUCTION LTD 22 Backbrae Street, Kilsyth, Glasgow Active
CLOBER GOLF COURSE LIMITED Craigton Road, Milngavie, Glasgow Active
CLOBER TAXI SERVICE 98 Stewarton Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow Active
CLOBER TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD Res Associates Ltd, 5 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow Active
CLOB LIMITED 27 Old Gloucester Street, , London Active
CLOBOT LTD 86/90 Paul Street, , London Active
CLOBOW CLOTHING LIMITED 62-64 New Road, , Basingstoke Active
CLOBURN QUARRY COMPANY LIMITED Cloburn Quarry, Pettinain, Lanark Active
CLOBURN TRANSPORT LIMITED 51 Newall Terrace, , Dumfries Active