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Companies starting with BR

Name From To
BR Br 146 Flats Ltd Br Yachting Developments Limited
BR- Br-elec Services Limited Br-veg Enterprise Ltd
BR0 Br05 Bgr Ltd Br0ws & Nails Limited
BR1 Br1618 Ltd Br1 Software Limited
BR2 Br2 Limited Br2 Limited
BR3 Br31 Transport Ltd Br3w Ltd
BR4 Br4 Consulting Limited Br4 Limited
BR5 Br53 Limited Br5 Property Consultants Ltd
BR6 Br6 Electrical Ltd Br6 Heating Limited
BR7 Br71 Ltd Br7 Legal Limited
BR8 Br8ke The Silence Community Interest Company Br8 Plus Limited
BR9 Br9 Limited Br9 Limited
BRA Bra1nbox Ltd Brazztun Limited
BRB Brb Altitude Services Ltd Brb Woodwork Ltd
BRC Brc78 Ltd Brc Welding & Fabrications Ltd
BRD Brd (air Conditioning) Limited Brdy Ltd
BRE Brea Avalon Llp Brezzy Buy Ltd
BRF Brfc 2020 Holdings Limited Brf Syngas Consultancy Services Limited
BRG Brg Advisory Limited Brgz Ltd
BRH Brh 18 Limited Brh Uk Haulage Limited
BRI Bri5lls Developments Ltd Brizzolari's Bar Ltd
BRJ Brja Consulting Limited Brju Properties Ltd
BRK Brk 002 Limited Brkw Solutions Limited
BRL Brla8 Ltd Brl Transport Ltd
BRM Brm29 Ltd Brm Wood Products Ltd
BRN Brn115 Limited Brnz Services Ltd
BRO Broachlight Limited Brozvriarsker Ltd
BRP Brp Architects Limited Brp T2 Birmingham (management Company) Limited
BRR Brra Ghar Ltd Brru Merchant Limited
BRS Brs Accounting Services Limited Brs Yorkshire Limited
BRT Brt002 Limited Brtyildirim Ltd
BRU Bru77 Ltd Bruzus Haulage Ltd
BRV Brva Holdings Limited Brvto Limited
BRW Brwa Accounting Ltd Brw Trade Ltd
BRX Brx Capital Llp Brx Ltd
BRY Bryad Developments Limited Bryzan Worldwide Limited
BRZ Brz 80 Ltd Brzy Ltd