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Companies starting with BB

Name From To
BB Bb 1:1 Mentoring Ltd Bb Zoo Limited
BB- Bb-bmg Limited Bb-watermill Studio Ltd
BB0 Bb06 Consulting Limited Bb06 Consulting Limited
BB1 Bb10 Holdings Limited Bb1 Working Dogs Ltd
BB2 Bb2000 Stocktaking Limited Bb2 Wind Farm Limited
BB3 Bb33 Limited Bb3 Properties Limited
BB4 Bb45 Promotions Limited Bb4 International Commercial Broker Uk Ltd
BB5 Bb5 Iqbals Properties Ltd Bb5 Iqbals Properties Ltd
BB6 Bb628 Limited Bb628 Limited
BB7 Bb7 Construction Limited Bb7 Mortgages Limited
BB8 Bb8-13 Limited Bb8 Limited
BB9 Bb9 Lean Solutions Limited Bb9 Travel Ltd
BBA Bba Accountancy Ltd Bbay (trafalgar) Limited
BBB Bbb1 Ltd Bbbwhitepage Limited
BBC Bbc 2019 Ltd Bbc X Ltd
BBD Bbd Architects Ltd Bbdw Limited
BBE Bbe Alinex Ltd Bbeye Limited
BBF Bbf18 Limited Bbf Wirral Limited
BBG Bbga Association Limited Bbgumb Limited
BBH Bbh Agencies Ltd Bbh - Wl (holdco 5) Limited
BBI Bbi Acquisition Limited Bbi Usd Limited
BBJ Bbjc Corbett Property Ltd Bbjt Transport Ltd
BBK Bbk9 Training Solutions Ltd Bbk Well Services Ltd
BBL Bbl00072020 Limited Bblythe Geoffrey Ltd
BBM Bbm 1 Limited Bbmw Limited
BBN Bbn Agency X Limited Bbnuk Limited
BBO Bboard Ltd Bboyz Events Ltd
BBP Bbp 10 Ltd Bbp Woodwork Designs Ltd
BBQ Bbq1 Ltd Bbq Xpress Ltd
BBR Bbr 2009 Ltd. Bbr West 1 Ltd
BBS Bbs1410 Limited Bbsystems Ltd
BBT Bbtaa Team Ltd Bbt Wedge Limited
BBU Bbu5 Ltd Bbuys Property Maintenance Limited
BBV Bbvat Holdings Limited Bbvr Company Ltd
BBW Bbwaldorf Limited Bbwx Limited
BBX Bbx Carbon Offset Ltd Bbx Uk London East Ltd
BBY Bbyarugs Ltd Bby Waterside Limited
BBZ Bbz 680 Limited Bbz Services Limited