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Companies listing - B6

Name address status
B60 ADVISORY LTD 16 Gleneagles Drive, Blackwell, Bromsgrove Active
B60 MOBILE SERVICES LIMITED 60 Lucas Court, , Leamington Spa Active
B61 OFFICE RENTAL LTD 20 St. John Street, , Bromsgrove Active
B62 LTD 8 Bromsgrove Road, Romsley, Halesowen Active
B64 DRIVERS CLUB LIMITED 306a Nash House The Collective, Old Oak Lane, London Active
B68 COURIERS LIMITED 111 Barker Street, , Oldbury Active
B68 LIMITED 22a Merton Close, , Oldbury Active
B6 BUILDING LIMITED Vincent Court, Hubert Street, Birmingham Active
B6 DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED 55 Station Road, , Beaconsfield Active
B6 DIGITAL LTD 18 Kentmere Road, , Bromsgrove Active
B6 FABRICATIONS LTD 2, The Old Hall Scarcliffe Lanes, Upper Langwith, Mansfield Active
B6 SERVICES LIMITED 413 Coral Apartment, 6 Salton Square, London Active