Companies starting with ALEX

Name From To
ALEX Alex 15 Trans Limited Alex Zinchenko Investments Limited
ALEX- Alex-facades & Co Ltd Alex-xander Group Ltd
ALEX0 Alex08 Ltd Alex08 Ltd
ALEX1 Alex1208 Ltd Alex1208 Ltd
ALEX2 Alex2004 Ltd Alex2 Ltd
ALEX3 Alex39 Ltd Alex39 Ltd
ALEX4 Alex4speed Ltd Alex4speed Ltd
ALEX6 Alex66 Ltd Alex69 Ltd
ALEX7 Alex72 Ltd Alex72 Ltd
ALEX8 Alex85 Ltd Alex85 Ltd
ALEX9 Alex90 Logistics Ltd Alex98 Ltd
ALEXA Alexa18 Trans Ltd Alexa Transport Services Ltd
ALEXB Alexbam Limited Alexbulding Ltd
ALEXC Alexcadar Limited Alexcy Limited
ALEXD Alexdacian Ltd Alexdum Drylining Ltd
ALEXE Alexea Grech Ltd Alexey's Trucks Ltd
ALEXF Alexfineart Ltd Alexford Limited
ALEXG Alexg12 Ltd Alexgutters Ltd
ALEXH Alexhall Limited Alexhry Projects Limited
ALEXI Alexia&ana Properties Ltd Alexi Zicarelli Limited
ALEXJ Alexjamesdean Ltd Alexjoe Ltd
ALEXK Alexkachan Ltd Alexksg Limited
ALEXL Alexlab Solutions Ltd Alexliv Services Ltd
ALEXM Alexmans Limited Alexm Project Management Services Ltd
ALEXN Alexnem Limited Alexnem Limited
ALEXO Alexo Couriers Ltd Alexowenharris Limited
ALEXP Alexpar Limited Alexpro Ltd
ALEXR Alexraducanu Ltd Alexrus Care Solutions Limited
ALEXS Alexsa Investments Limited Alexsys Ltd
ALEXT Alextchristian Limited Alextronic Limited
ALEXU Alexugo Llp Alexutzu Transport Ltd
ALEXV Alexvas80 Limited Alexv Solutions Ltd
ALEXW Alexway Construction Llp Alexway Uk Limited
ALEXX Alexx2anna Limited Alexxxb Construction Limited
ALEXY Alexyanko Limited Alexytransporter Ltd
ALEXZ Alexzander Properties Ltd Alexzyto Ltd