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Companies starting with 9

Name From To
9 9 & 10 Camperdown Freehold Co Limited 9 Zones Ltd
9- 9-10 Chelsea Embankment Limited 9-oak Contracts Ltd
90 9000 Limited 90zback Limited
91 91011 Malmesbury Gardens Limited 91 Westward Road Limited
92 920e Limited 92 Ventures Limited
93 930 Consulting Limited 93wsnl Limited
94 94-100 Langdale Gate Management Company Limited 94 White Lion Street Limited
95 950df Limited 95 West Hill Management Limited
96 960 Labs Ltd. 96 Wightman Road (freehold) Limited
97 97/101 Durnford Street Management Limited 97 Work Ltd
98 98-100 Canfield Gardens Limited 98ztna Limited
99 990 Ltd. 99 Wickham Road (freehold) Company Limited
9A 9a All Saints Road Management Co Limited 9art Ltd
9B 9bar Ktv Ltd 9brand Foods Limited
9C 9c Networks Limited 9cw04 Limited
9D 9d9h Records Limited 9ds Limited
9E 9e Productions Ltd 9ext Shipping Services Airline Wholesalers And Specialist To Africa Countries Limited
9F 9fin Limited 9fx Limited
9G 9gc Lifestyle Ltd 9grg Limited
9H 9h7b Limited Ltd
9I 9iceguys Security & Steward Service Ltd. 9inth Element Limited
9J 9ja Express Limited 9ja Uk Limited
9K 9k Property Limited 9k Solutions Limited
9L 9lions Studio Ltd 9logic Technologies Limited
9M 9m Limited 9mss Uk Ltd
9N 9nexus Properties Ltd 9nkr Limited
9P 9percent Ltd 9pwb Ltd
9R 9rb Limited 9regal Limited
9S 9sevens Consulting Ltd 9step Limited
9T 9t2 Clothing Ltd 9ty4 Media Limited
9V 9vibe Ltd 9vibe Ltd
9W 9wxyz Limited 9wxyz Limited
9X 9xb Limited 9xg Limited
9Y 9yfn Limited 9yfn Limited