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Companies starting with 13

Name From To
13 13 - 13a Rayleigh Ave Rtm Company Limited 13 York Place Management Company Limited
13- 13-14 Gentlemans Walk Norwich Management Company Limited 13-tera Ltd
130 13000 Limited 130 Wood Street Tenant Limited
131 1310 Limited 131 Westbridge Road Rtm Company Limited
132 1320 Auctions Ltd 132 Wenham Ltd
133 1330 Ltd 133 Vintage Ltd
134 134 & 136 Standishgate Rtm Company Limited 134 Woodside Green Residents Limited
135 135 135a 135b Emmanuel Road Rtm Company Ltd 135 Wingfield Villas Residents Association Limited
136 1360 Coffee Limited 136 Tressillian Road Limited
137 137-139 Ferry Road Residents Limited 137 Walm Lane Limited
138 138-140 Albert Road Freehold Limited 138 X 3 Main Road Management Company Limited
139 139 & 141 Stornoway Road (southend-on-sea) Management Company Limited 139 West End Lane Limited
13A 13a/b Co Operation Road Ltd 13a Russell Hill Limited
13B 13barryroad Ltd 13bugs Ltd
13C 13c Consulting Ltd 13chapters Limited
13D 13d Limited 13d Limited
13E 13eam Ltd 13eam Ltd
13F 13fields Ltd 13fields Ltd
13G 13g Engineering Limited 13gp Ltd
13H 13h Ltd 13hundred Creative Partners Limited
13I 13i Consulting Ltd 13islucky Ltd
13J 13j Ltd 13j Ltd
13K 13k Limited 13k Limited
13M 13mhz Ltd 13moore Ltd
13N 13n Oil Consultancy Limited 13nr Limited
13O 13oak Ltd 13oak Ltd
13P 13p Developments Limited 13ph Ltd
13R 13rec Ltd 13r&e Ltd
13S 13sahota Limited 13stka Uk Ltd
13T 13ten Ltd 13twelve Limited
13U 13ubbles Limited 13ubbles Limited
13W 13wc Limited 13ws Limited
13X 13x Limited 13x Limited