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Companies starting with 11

Name From To
11 11 11 11 Limited 11 York Road Management Company Limited
11- 11-12 Grenville Street Limited 11-8 Consultants Limited
110 11000 Ideas Ltd 110 Woodhill Limited
111 11108929 Ltd 111 Zanotti Build Ltd
112 1120 Properties Ltd 112 Wightman Road Flat Owners Limited
113 1130 Properties Ltd 113 West Street Management Limited
114 114-116 Saltash Road (plymouth) Limited 114 Woodfield Road Freehold Limited
115 115 & 115a Property Management Rtm Company Ltd 115 Victoria Park Road Limited
116 116 - 116a Pall Mall Rtm Company Ltd 116 Stubbington (freehold) Ltd
117 1170028 Ontario Limited 117west Limited
118 1180 Management Ltd 118 Tufnell Park Road Limited
119 119 - 121 Gloucester Terrace (freehold) & Management Limited 119 Wortley Management Company Leeds Limited
11A 11a Hemstal Road Management Company Limited 11a Victoria Road Freehold Limited
11B 11bc Ltd 11by5 Limited
11C 11cg Hotel Operations Limited 11c Park Street Limited
11D 11d Limited 11d Limited
11E 11elder Place Ltd 11excel Limited
11F 11fifty Ltd 11four22 Ltd
11K 11kconsulting Ltd 11kconsulting Ltd
11L 11light Oaks Ltd 11light Oaks Ltd
11M 11metaverse Ltd 11mst Ltd
11N 11np Ltd 11np Ltd
11P 11pcs Consultancy Limited 11plus Tuition Center Ltd
11R 11rel Services Ltd 11ron Ltd
11S 11sat Ltd 11sqm Ltd
11T 11teen Limited 11trans Limited
11U 11umin Ltd 11umin Ltd
11V 11ven Tech Yards Limited 11ven Tech Yards Limited
11X 11x Brands Ltd 11x Limited
11Y 11yaway Outsourcing Ltd 11yaway Outsourcing Ltd
11Z 11zero Events Limited 11zero Events Limited