Oldham is home to 16174 companies. 8 companies were created in Oldham yesterday out of 1202 started in Great Britain in total. Out of the estimated 2025, 462 new companies have been created in the city so far this year. It is also worth noting that the number of companies created in Oldham last year amounts to 1838.

The most prominent companies among them are: Tailored Fire & Security (London) Limited, with a net worth of GBP 10007000, Mayflower Land Holdings Limited, worth GBP 2936149 and Talking Point Properties Limited, with a net worth of GBP 2222665.

Regarding years in the market, the 3 oldest companies in Oldham are: West End(Oldham)Bowling Company Limited.(The), created 118 years 3 months 15 days ago (net worth GBP 1250), David & J R Schofield Limited, created 109 years 2 months 8 days ago (net worth GBP 0) and Tyldesley Rugby Union Football Club Company Limited(The), created 93 years 8 months 18 days ago (net worth GBP 1160961).

New companies in OLDHAM