Northampton is home to 25760 businesses. 5 businesses were created in Northampton yesterday out of 1942 started in Great Britain in total. Out of the estimated 4612, 5000 new companies have been created in the city so far this year. It is also worth noticing that the number of businesses created in Northampton last year amounts to 3470.

The most valuable businesses among them are: Ukki Limited, with a net worth of GBP 45014947, Ds John Holdings Limited, worth GBP 5396415 and George Riley Estates Limited, with a net worth of GBP 4902288.

Regarding years in the market, the 3 oldest companies in Northampton are: Freemasons Hall Northampton Limited, created 128 years 11 months 20 days ago (net worth GBP 127822), Henry Martin Limited, created 109 years 1 mon 17 days ago (net worth GBP 539902) and Charmark Properties Limited, created 107 years 9 months 23 days ago (net worth GBP 809367).

New companies in NORTHAMPTON