London is home to 1056235 businesses. 682 businesses were started in London last friday out of 2809 started in the UK in total. Out of the estimated 161738, 76654 new companies have been created in the city so far this year. It is also worth noticing that the number of businesses started in London last year amounts to 150870.

The most valuable businesses among them are: Aniweta Limited, with a net worth of GBP 2147483647000, Glob Gold Limited, worth GBP 169846410000 and F A M C Ltd, with a net worth of GBP 99999999999.

When it comes to years in the market, the 3 oldest companies in the city are: Oriental Gas Company, Limited(The), started 160 years 8 months 29 days ago (net worth GBP 745538), London And Suburban Land And Building Company Limited(The), started 154 years 1 mon 24 days ago (net worth GBP 0) and Sheffield And District Property Company Limited(The), started 146 years 4 months 28 days ago (net worth GBP 76967).

New companies in LONDON