Hertfordshire is home to [companies_in_city] companies. Out of the estimated 0.

The most prominent companies among them are: Ro Enterprises Limited, with a net worth of GBP 12346246, Law 2457 Limited, worth GBP 7578346 and Newmill Holdings Limited, with a net worth of GBP 4500270.

When taking into account years in the market, the 3 oldest companies in Hertfordshire are: Oakleigh Park Laundry Company Limited(The), founded 116 years 7 months 30 days ago (net worth GBP 59630), Woodcock Hill Estate Limited, founded 93 years 4 months 16 days ago (net worth GBP 16229) and Secomak Limited, founded 86 years 7 months 13 days ago (net worth GBP 1997458).

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